Ninja Shoyo Zine is an unofficial fanproject centered on Hinata Shouyou AFTER his first year at Karasuno! All works in this project will be SFW (safe for work) with no romantic pairings.We are aiming to produce a for-profit fanzine with physical merch celebrating the boy with the best glow-up in Haikyuu.Please check our FAQ and Schedule for more details!

Q: What is a zine?
A Zine is a compilation of art/writing from fan creators that is sold digitally or printed as a small book, sometimes with merchandise add-ons. For this project, we are aiming to offer both a digital and printed release with add-on merchandise.
Artist and writers will apply to join the zine and should they be accepted, they will create a NEW piece of work specifically for this project's theme. Then, mods will handle marketing, production, and shipping of the project.Q: How will contributors be compensated?
All contributors are guaranteed a PHYSICAL and DIGITAL copy of the zine. If there are enough sales, we aim to give contributors a copy of all the merch, cover their shipping, and give them a share of the profits.
Q: How will profits be split?
First, profits will be used to cover all contributor bundles and shipping - this is to make sure international contributors do not get compensated less than local ones. Then the rest will be split equally among contributors (please note, mods count as contributors).
Q: How old do I have to be to participate?
You must be 18-years-old by August 15th, 2022 to participate. We will not do any kind of ID checks, but you will have to sign a contributor agreement about your age.
Q: Can we draw/write NSFW? Will there be a NSFW side zine? 😳
We have no plans for a NSFW side zine. All works in the zine must be safe for work - mild nudity/violence is allowed. We encourage shirtless Shouyous but please let him at least keep his shorts.
Q: What ships are allowed?
We are only allowing platonic relationships in this zine! Contributors can go wild on who they want Shouyou to interact with as long as it is not depicted as romantic.
Q: Will AUs be allowed?
We will allow fics/art with canon divergence (example: Shouyou plays for a different team) but not entirely different universes (example: alpha/beta/omega dynamics, superpowers, etc.).
Q: Can participants collaborate?
All applications and submissions must be your own work. However, accepted artists and writers may collaborate
Q: I'm an artist/writer with a small following, will that be considered in judging?
No, we will only be looking at your samples and portfolio. Follower count is not in our judging criteria, all creators are welcomed to apply!
Q: Where will you be shipping from? Is there international shipping?
The project will be shipped from the United States. We will ship to every country that USPS or Ascendia ships to. Here are the current list of countries that may have problems: Afghanistan, Cuba, Mayotte, Sierra Leone, French Guiana, Mongolia, Solomon Islands, Bhutan, Guadeloupe, South Sudan, Brunei, Laos, Papua New Guinea, Syria, Central African Republic, Liberia, Bourbon, Timor-Leste, Chad, Libya, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, Turkmenistan, Martinique, Samoa, and Yemen. Russia + Ukraine is currently unavailable but may be available by the time of our preorders.

Interest CheckMay 20 - June 12
AppsJune 21 - July 31
App resultsAugust 8
Acceptance/Pitch DueAug 15
Check-In 1 (Sketch or outline)Sept 4
Check-In 2 (Lines or 500 words)October 15
Check-In 3 (Colors for artist, writers should be complete)November 15
FINAL deadlineDecember 1

Timeline may be adjusted as needed

Position: Organization/Finance/Production/Shipping Mod
Past Experience:
All-Stars: The King's Avatar Fanzine - Head, Graphics, Writing, Shipping
Unbreakable Bonds - Production, Shipping
• See more about Gumi's zines, events, and testimonials on her carrd!

Position: Layout Mod
Past Experience:
This Side of Paradise - Graphics, Layout
Champion - Graphics, NSFW layout
• Check out Cate's carrd!

Position: Writing + Art Mod
Past Experience:
Atsuhina Big Bang - Communications mod
• I haven't had plenty experience with zine or fanevent, but I was the editor in chief of my university's magazine, and was the head of communication divisions of many event organizations!

Position: Graphics Mod
Past Experience:
Liushen Zine - Graphics, Formatting
Descension: A Genshin Xianxia Zine - Graphic, Formatting
System DLC - Graphics, Formatting
Nox et Lux - Head/Graphic, Formatting
Northern Lights - Graphic
(profile picture by kereoiro)(Read Seizing Dreams)

Position: Chinese Translations + Communications Mod
Past Experience:
UshiOi Exchange - co-mod
KageHina month - co-mod
•I've bought a lot of zines but this is my first time helping out! :)

Position: General Assistant Mod
Past Experience:
Force of Gravity: Nakahara Chuuya zine - Graphics
Genshin Esports zine - Social Media
Genshin Zodiac zine - Social Media

General Guidelines

  • SFW samples are preferred, but NSFW samples are allowed

  • A Hinata/Haikyuu sample is not required but HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

  • Samples may include pairings/ships

  • Writers will be evaluated on their spelling/grammar, characterization, pacing + how well they can tell a story within a short word count.

  • Artists will be evaluated on proficiency with color, perspective, composition, lighting, and relative anatomy.

  • We don't have a certain style of art or genre of writing we are looking for, we encourage everyone to apply with their strongest work.

  • You must be 18-years-old by August 15th, 2022 to participate. We will not do any kind of ID checks, but you will have to sign a contributor agreement about your age.

Artist Guidelines

  • Artists will be expected to draw either a one page illustration (vertical) OR a two page spread illustration (horizontal) OR two half-page spot arts (will be collaborating with writers to match their fic)

  • Three samples of your best work must be provided, preferably in the style you intend to use in the zine. An additional portfolio may also be linked

  • If accepted, an artist will give 3 pitches on what they want to draw / which fic ideas they want to be paired with and mods will choose one of those ideas to approve (this is to ensure diversity but still give everyone a good amount of creative freedom).

Writer Guidelines

  • Writers will be expected to write a fic between 1,000 - 2,500 words in length.

  • Three samples of your own work must be provided. An additional portfolio may also be linked such as an AO3

  • Samples must be between 1,000 - 2,000 words in length. Some can go over or under, but please keep the total word count of your three samples to a maximum of 6,000 words

  • You may use excerpts from longer fic as a sample, but please have at least one sample that can stand alone

  • If accepted, a writer will give 3 pitches on what they want to write and mods will choose one of those ideas to approve (this is to ensure diversity but still give everyone a good amount of creative freedom).

Merch Artist Guidelines

  • Artists will be expected to draw 2-3 pieces of merchandise for the zine. Artists will NOT have to produce the merchandise, mods will be handling production. You can be a total newbie to the process as long as your portfolio is strong

  • Three samples of your best work must be provided. An additional portfolio may also be linked.

  • It is also recommended (but not required) that your samples correlate to the piece of merch you are interested in - if you are interested in making sticker sheets, it would be good if you had a sample of a sticker sheet design

  • Upon acceptance, merch artists can make pitches for what they want to draw out of our planned merch (or suggest something else) and we will approve 2-3 of their pitches.

『Limitless』は高校一年以降の日向翔陽をテーマとした非公式アンソロジー(ファンジン)です。主な焦点は日向の高校三年生活、ブラジル修行、MSBY時代、日本代表チーム時代、などです。カプリングなどはなく、当プロジェクトのテーマはロマンスではなく、我々が大好きな主人公の成長です。現段階では30人ほどのアーティストさんと7人の作家さんの作品を載せる予定となっております。メイン版のアンソロジー本は133mm x 203mmでフルカラーのものとなり、シールやキーホルダーなどともに購入できるグッズも作成いたします。これら商品はすべてアメリカで製造され、アメリカから発送されます。当プロジェクトの主催は過去にOne Piece全职高手 などをテーマとした、同じようなプロジェクトを運営してきた Gumi が務めます。今の段階ではプロジェクト自身のオンラインショップでの販売を予定しておりますが、十分な関心がある場合はBOOTH上での販売もご検討させていただきます。質問がおありの際はこちらまでお願いいたします:retrospring


8月8日 ー 英語圏ゲストの最終参加確認
9月4日 ー アーティストイラスト案・ラフ提出
12月1日 ー アーティストさん作品最終提出
2023年1月予定 ー 事前注文期間
2023年3月予定 ー 商品発送


- @gumibirds - 主催、製造発送担当
- @soojinwen - 原稿編集担当
- @cytaoplasm - SNS用グラフィックデザイン担当
- @mortalatte - SNS用グラフィックイラスト担当、小説編集者
- @hanseatiic - 業務整理、SNS担当
- @drawingasmile - 中国語通訳
- @Darquedeath4444 - 日本語通訳

《Limitless》是一个同人合志,主题专注是日向翔阳在乌野高中就读高一以后。作品内容可以包括日向三年级时,在巴西,在BJ时代或在日本国家队场景,等等。本合志是无CP的,主要关注点不是在日向谈恋爱,而是我们最爱的主人公的成长。我们打算总共邀请30位画手与7位写手。本合志规格会是全彩133mm x 203mm胶装,而我们会提供一些可一起买的周边 (例如贴纸/挂件)。合志将在美国生产和从美国运输。本合志主催是Gumi,Gumi曾经为别的动漫系列领导成功的同人合志作品,例如航海王全职高手


6月30日 - 最终确认非英文的嘉宾
8月8日 - 最终确认讲英文的嘉宾
9月4日 - 每位画手须完成草图或缩略图
12月1日 - 画手须提交作品
2023年1月 (预计) - 预售
2023年3月 (预计) - 运输


- @gumibirds - 项目主催、策划管理、周边与完成品生产及国内运输
- @soojinwen - 合志排版设计
- @cytaoplasm - 社群网站美工设计
- @mortalatte - 社群网站原画设计与校对终稿
- @hanseatiic - 策划管理助手与社群网站管理
- @drawingasmile - 中英翻译与沟通
- @Darquedeath4444 - 日英翻译与沟通


- @inawizawki - 画手
- @gothamtwinks - 画手
- @en_itokawa - 画手
- @W4W7o - 画手
- @boomturkeyao3 - 写手
- caniculeo - 写手

《Limitless》是一個同人合志,主題專注是日向翔陽在烏野高中就讀高一以後。作品內容可以包括日向三年級時,在巴西,在BJ時代或在日本國家隊場景,等等。本合志是無CP的,主要關注點不是在日向談戀愛,而是我們最愛的主人公的成長。我們打算總共邀請30位畫手與7位寫手。本合志規格會是全彩133mm x 203mm膠裝,而我們會提供一些可一起買的周邊 (例如貼紙/挂件)。合志將在美國生產和從美國運輸。本合志主催是Gumi,Gumi曾經為別的動漫系列領導成功的同人合志作品,例如航海王全職高手


7月5日 - 最終確認非英文的嘉賓
8月8日 - 最終確認講英文的嘉賓
9月4日 - 每位繪師須完成草圖或縮略圖
12月1日 - 繪師須提交作品
2023年1月 (預計) - 預售
2023年3月 (預計) - 運輸


- @gumibirds - 項目主催、策劃管理、周邊與完成品生產及國內運輸
- @soojinwen - 合志排版設計
- @cytaoplasm - 社群網站美工設計
- @mortalatte - 社群網站原畫設計與校對終稿
- @hanseatiic - 策劃管理助手與社群網站管理
- @drawingasmile - 中英翻譯與溝通
- @Darquedeath4444 - 日英翻譯與溝通


- @inawizawki - 繪師
- @gothamtwinks - 繪師
- @littleskrib - 繪師
- @en_itokawa - 繪師
- @W4W7o - 繪師
- @fezo_HQ - 繪師
- @boomturkeyao3 - 文手
- caniculeo - 文手